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Minnesota Agriculture - Research and Promotion Councils

Minnesota Agriculture - Research and Promotion Councils work together with the Department of Agriculture to promote Minnesota agriculture. Under the Commodities Promotion Act, Minnesota's thirteen commodity groups have organized research and promotion programs. Funding is generated through commodity check offs, also known as a promotional order, which directs a small amount of money from each sale to a commodity council. The council then uses those resources to promote and stimulate the use, sale, and consumption of such commodities and to improve methods of production, processing and marketing.

Minnesota laws relating to commodity councils and check off programs were first passed in 1965 and the present generic promotional act was enacted in 1982. Each year, a council will elect a chair, vice chair, secretary, and treasurer. Generated funds go to the appropriate council which is responsible for all spending decisions. The Department of Agriculture oversees the council’s contracts, refunds and elections. An administrative services agreement is developed with each council whereby the councils reimburse the department for their services. Check offs are mandatory, but refunds can be requested for the following councils: Corn, Turkey, Dry Edible Bean, Sunflower, and Area II Potato.

Information is issued in news releases and grower/producer publications regarding councils’ issues.

Use the contact information provided to learn more about a specific council:

MDA Contact

Ruth White, State Programs Administrator Sr.