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Case Studies of Homeowners Using IPM in Their Landscapes

A U.S. Environmental Protection Agency grant was awarded to the Minnesota Department of Agriculture to help Minnesota homeowners understand and adopt IPM through workshops and hands-on education. An IPM trainer, in consultation with an advisory group comprised of pest specialists from the University of Minnesota Extension, developed an IPM educational program. IPM workshops were offered in 2008 across the state. IPM strategies to manage insects, weeds, plant diseases, and wildlife were introduced and discussed. A focus group of twenty people from the Minneapolis-St. Paul area were selected to participate in a hands-on study.

The purpose of the study was to track homeowner's pest management decisions and determine how they implemented IPM strategies. Each participant was given a journal to record their pest problems and management decisions. The IPM trainer visited participants during the summer and offered advice on pests and pest management strategies. Five of the participants were chosen for in-depth case studies compiled by the IPM trainer. The selection was based upon the participant's interest and enthusiasm in the project, demonstrated observational skills, homeowner landscape setting, and general gardening knowledge. Information for the case studies was compiled from May through August, 2008.

  1. Catalina, Plymouth, MN: IPM Is an Enjoyable Activity with Many Rewards 
  2. Nancy, Burnsville, MN: Identifying Problems Early Is the Key to a Healthy Garden 
  3. Sharon, Roseville, MN: IPM Provides Many Tools for Maintaining a Showcase Garden 
  4. Erica, Birchwood, MN: Applying IPM to My Landscape Makes Sense 
  5. Debbie, St. Paul, MN: An IPM Application in a Darwinian Garden

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