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Home > Ag Chemicals & Fertilizers > Pesticides > Reporting Pesticide Complaints > Pesticide & Fertilizer - Health & Safety FAQs > Pesticides & Spreading Beyond

Pesticide and Fertilizer - Health & Safety FAQs

What can I do when fertilizer/pesticide is spread beyond the grass?

Minnesota law prohibits the application of any fertilizer to impervious (hard) surfaces such as streets, sidewalks, and driveways. Pesticide products (weed control) are applied with a fertilizer commonly found in lawn products (referred to as weed/feed products). Rain can wash the fertilizer/pesticide into nearby storm drains or road ditches, eventually getting into a lake or river near you. If you or someone else accidentally spills or spreads fertilizer/pesticide on a hard surface, simply clean it up immediately by sweeping the product back into the grass where it belongs. Otherwise, contact the property owner or the applicator (if known) and request that they do so themselves.


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