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Home > Ag Chemicals & Fertilizers > Pesticides > Reporting Pesticide Complaints > Pesticide & Fertilizer - Health & Safety FAQs > Pesticides & the MDA

Pesticide and Fertilizer - Health & Safety FAQs

What are MDA's role and responsibilities?

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) is the lead state agency for the regulation of pesticides and fertilizer. MDA enforces Minnesota’s Pesticide and Fertilizer Laws (Minnesota Statutes Chapters 18B, 18C, and 18D (2016)). Enforcement responsibilities include the investigation of fertilizer and pesticide use, storage, handling, distribution, and disposal. The MDA initiates hundreds of routine inspections annually for all manner of business to check for compliance with these laws.

Law enforcement investigations are commenced when the MDA reasonably believes that individuals or companies have violated Minnesota law. The MDA is not able to investigate allegations of law violations without being given sufficient information. All complaints are required to be submitted in writing to the MDA and must state what violations of law are being alleged.

Once violations are proven, enforcement actions are initiated by the MDA and include Field ORDERs, Notices of Violation (NOV), and the issuance of financial penalties (Notice of Intent to Sue). In rare cases, the MDA may initiate proceedings to revoke or suspend company or applicator licenses.


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