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Home > Ag Chemicals & Fertilizers > Pesticides > Reporting Pesticide Complaints > Pesticide & Fertilizer - Health & Safety FAQs > Other Regulatory Authorities

Pesticide and Fertilizer - Health & Safety FAQs

What if the MDA can’t help me -- other regulatory authorities?

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) has the legal authority to investigate complaints of fertilizer or pesticide violations.

If the MDA receives a complaint about a compound or situation other than a pesticide or fertilizer, the MDA will ask that you contact the appropriate regulatory agency. For example, if a concern or complaint is raised regarding improper storage or disposal of industrial waste products or used oil, the MDA may refer the complainant to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. Another example, if a homeowner determines irregular or unusual activity of birds or squirrels, etc. or discovers that more than one died in a relatively small area, the MDA may refer the complainant to a Conservation Officer of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.


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