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Home > Ag Chemicals & Fertilizers > Pesticides > Reporting Pesticide Complaints > Pesticide & Fertilizer - Health & Safety FAQs

Pesticide and Fertilizer - Health & Safety FAQs

These Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are resources for persons concerned about pesticide and fertilizer health and safety and the regulatory and information roles of the Minnesota Department of Agriculture.

The FAQs detail what normal pesticide and fertilizer use consists of, when and where to anticipate the application of these products and what to expect. Throughout the responses, references are made to Minnesota Statutes and Rules. In addition information is given to help citizens determine possible next steps if improper use is alleged. A synopsis of our misuse investigation process is given for the benefit of the citizens who deem it necessary to file a complaint.

  1. What is pesticide exposure and what are the symptoms? 
  2. What about odors? 
  3. When is it too windy to spray?