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Soil/Plant Amendment Product Label

The follow is a summary of the standard label requirements for soil/plant amendment products

A person may not sell or distribute soil/plant amendment products in bags or other containers unless a label is placed on or affixed to the bag or container stating in a clear, legible, and conspicuous form the following information. (18C.211 & Minnesota Rules, 1510.0430 to 1510.0434)

  1. The Brand Name of the soil/plant amendment.
  2. A soil/plant amendment Guaranteed Analysis statement in the following format:

“Name of Ingredient"........................................
(Identify and list all)


“Name of Ingredient”........................................
(Identify and list all)


If the percentage for the inert ingredients is zero the “Inert Ingredients” statement shall be deleted from the Guaranteed Analysis statement.

  1. The Name and Address of the Guarantor.
  2. A Net Weight statement expressed in ounces, pounds, or tons avoirdupois.
  3. A Directions for Use Statement must be listed on all soil/plant amendment product labels. This may be expressed as the amount (lbs) of product recommended to be applied per unit area (1,000 sq. ft./acre etc.) or the area the entire contents of the container will cover.
  4. A statement of the soil/plant amendment’s purpose or proposed use.

The aforementioned specifications are the minimum required to be placed on a soil/plant amendment product label. If additional information is provided on the label, further labeling requirements may be enforced. Therefore, it is advisable to consult with the department for a label review prior to final printing. In addition, it is recommended that Minnesota Rules, 1510.0430 to 1510.0434 the Soil/Plant Amendment Labeling Rules be reviewed prior to printing a label.

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Carol Durden, State Program Administrator
Pesticide & Fertilizer Management Division