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Home > Ag Chemicals & Fertilizers > Fertilizers > Nutrient Management > 2015 Nitrogen Fertilizer Management Plan > Mitigation > Draft Groundwater Protection Rule > Part 2 of the Rule > Part 2 of the Rule Township Testing Map

Part 2 of the Rule- Township Testing Program Map

The following map illustrates the Township Testing Program results from 2013 through 2016 and the townships tentatively scheduled for testing.

  • Approximately 20,042 wells have been tested
  • 167 townships from 19 counties have voluntarily participated in the Township (nitrate) Testing Program to test private wells
  • The map depicts the percentage of private wells where the results ranged from <0.03- 119 mg/L nitrate
  • All townships invited, have participated in the voluntary Township (nitrate) Testing Program
  • The MDA's goal is to offer testing to over 70,000 private wells in over 300 townships in approximately 53 counties by 2019 in identified vulnerable areas 

A map of Minnesota highlighting the initial and final nitrate testing results for townships and the tentative schedule for future township testing.


Townships with Percentages of Private Wells
Greater than or Equal to 10 mg/L Nitrate   
Results as of August 10, 2017   

The map presents the current testing results by township. Townships with hash lines present initial (first year) testing results and townships without hash lines are final. Final results include two rounds of sampling and a process to remove faulty wells (i.e. cracked casing) and those near potential non-fertilizer sources of nitrate. Townships noted with initial results may change based on follow-up sampling and well assessments.

Additional Reports

Township Testing Program results are reported for each county as well as in a comprehensive program overview. A summary of the most current data is listed below. Please visit the program website for additional reports.

Nitrate Testing for Private Wells-Results as of August 10, 2017 (PDF: 209 KB / 2 pages)

Final Results Used in Part 2 of the Rule

Townships with final results that indicate elevated levels of nitrate-nitrogen (nitrate) are subject to Part 2 of the Rule. The Health Risk Limit for nitrate-nitrogen in water is greater than or equal to 10 mg/L. The Health Risk Limit is set by the Minnesota Department of Health. Public well data is also used in Part 2 of the Rule but the data is not included on this map. To learn more about how nitrate concentrations are used to designate mitigation levels visit Part 2 of the Rule.