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Ag Nutrient Task Force

The 2005 legislature passed legislation directing the Commissioner of Agriculture to assemble an Agricultural Nutrient Task Force (ANTF) to study four topics related to agricultural nutrient issues. The Task Force was to review and make recommendations on at least the following four topics and practices:

  • The need for research, education and training in the selection and application of agricultural fertilizer and soil nutrients in the state;
  • The imposition of a tonnage fee on all agricultural fertilizer applied in Minnesota and the designated uses of the proceeds from the fee;
  • The desirability of amending statutes and rules that apply to the selection, purchase, storage, and application of agricultural fertilizer and soil nutrients, including the reasonableness of rules for their on-farm storage; and
  • Methods of inspections and monitoring for compliance with fertilizer regulations to protect against the theft of anhydrous ammonia for production of methamphetamine.

Below is the ANTF’s final report of recommendations; also provided are the meeting minutes from the 5 meetings held, various presentations and other informational and background materials provided to the Task Force.

Report to the State Legislature

  • Recommendations from the Ag Nutrient Task Force (PDF: 304 KB / 25 pages)

September 12, 2005 Meeting

January 9, 2006 Meeting

February 10, 2006 Meeting