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Notice of Contract Opportunity

PROJECT NAME: Notice of Availability of Funding for Agricultural Fertilizer Research and Education Projects

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture is requesting proposals for the purpose of directing fertilizer research and outreach programs. The enabling legislation establishing the governing Agricultural Fertilizer Research and Education Council (referred to as “AFREC” or “Council”) is MN Statute18C.70, 18C.71, and 18C.80.The Minnesota Legislature also established the funding mechanism for the program. This year, up to $1,100,000 is available for research, education, and coordination through Request for Proposals (RFP) and was generated by fertilizer sales from July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016.

Continuation Projects

Research and educational priorities have been categorized within three priority classifications. Applicants of new projects are cautioned that a substantial amount of the available funding (65-75%) may be used to support continuation projects.

There are approximately 17 on-going AFREC projects that will be given priority for continued funding this funding cycle. “Continuations’ are defined in this RFP as projects that have been previously funded by AFREC for shorter durations than the length specified in the original proposal. Projects previously fully funded by AFREC are not considered “continuations”.

Sample Tasks and Project Components

The “Mandatory Components” listed below are the fundamental elements that must be completed over the life of the project. All five components listed below must be addressed in the proposal. Respondents are encouraged to consider the additional components and/or propose additional tasks that are related and consistent with AFREC’s mission.

  1. Mandatory Component: Develop and implement a work plan for the timely completion of an annual research needs assessment.
  2. Mandatory Component: Facilitate Council planning meetings so that concise research and outreach priorities are developed for the annual AFREC Request for Proposals.
  3. Mandatory Component: Assist MDA in the organization, review and summary of submitted proposals to the AFREC Council and responsible for assembling a Peer Review Team.
  4. Mandatory Component: Assist MDA and the Council with the planning and facilitation of all meetings and conference calls.
  5. Mandatory Component: Formal Reporting to MDA and the Council.

Responders’ Responsibility Related to the Proposal: The responder must provide some ideas on the content of the annual report. Additionally, please provide any past examples of similar reporting if available.

  1. Optional Component: Coordination on the various AFREC information outlets.
  2. Optional Component: Represent AFREC and MDA at related soil fertility research meetings such as through the commodity research councils.
  3. Optional Component: Represent AFREC and MDA at selected conferences and other outreach opportunities.
  4. Optional Component: Additional related tasks developed by the responder.

COPY REQUEST: To request a copy of the Request for Proposals, please send a written request, by email, to:

Department of Agriculture
Bruce Montgomery, Project Coordinator
625 N. Robert Street
St. Paul, MN 55155
E-Mail: bruce.montgomery@state.mn.us

Other MDA personnel are NOT authorized to discuss this request for proposal with responders nor should they be listed as a collaborator or partner anywhere within the proposal. Contact regarding this RFP with any MDA personnel not listed above could result in disqualification.

PROPOSAL DEADLINE: Proposals submitted in response to the Request for Proposals in this advertisement must be received 3 printed sets and 1 disk/jump drive with a complete set of the required forms in bothWORD and PDF format no later than 3:00 P.M., Central Time, December 2, 2016. Late proposals will not be considered. Fax and email proposals will not be considered.

This request does not obligate the State to complete the work contemplated in this notice. The State reserves the right to cancel this solicitation. All expenses incurred in responding to this notice are solely the responsibility of the responder.

(Rev. 03/15)