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AFREC Research Projects

A Farmer-led Program to Advance Soil Fertility Research, Technology Development and Education 

Minnesota's Ag Fertilizer Research and Education Council (AFREC) provides grants for research, education, and technology transfer projects related to agricultural fertilizer, soil amendments and plant amendments.Farm property with a barn, tractor and grain storage facility AFREC began funding research and education in 2008. Current funding for the AFREC program is provided by fertilizer tonnage fees. This program acquires funds through a $0.70 per ton fertilizer tonnage fee on all commercial agricultural fertilizer sold in Minnesota. AFREC is responsible for how all funds are spent. The Minnesota Department of Agriculture provides administrative support for the program.

2017 Research Projects

  • Evaluation of Sulfur Guidelines for Major Crops in Minnesota
  • Optimal Utilization of Phosphorus, Potassium, Sulfur Fertilization in Corn- Soybean Rotation
  • Minnesota Long-Term Phosphorus Trial: Phase II: Testing Yield Response and Potential
  • The Nature of Phosphorus Behavior in Soils
  • Improving Management of Hard Red Spring Wheat with Sulfur Fertilizer Applications and Variable Rate Nitrogen
  • Establishing Nitrogen Credits Following a Sweet Corn Crop on Non-irrigated Soils
  • Using On-Board Protein Analyzers for Making Grain Protein Content Harvest Maps of Spring Wheat
  • Nitrogen Response and Soil Microbial Activity in Potato Cropping Systems as Affected by Fumigation
  • Urea and Urea Additives as Fertilizer Sources for Corn Production in Minnesota
  • On-Farm Evaluation of Boron Response in Corn and Sugarbeet
  • Nitrate in Tile-Drain Water Relative to Time and Course of Nitrogen Application
  • Connecting Minnesota Farmers to AFREC Soil Fertility Research
  • Advancing Intensive Management of Continuous Corn on Irrigated Sands
  • Advancing Intensive Management of Corn Systems in Minnesota
  • Evaluation and Calibration of In-Season Tools for Detecting Nitrogen Stress in Corn
  • On-Farm Nutrient Research and Educational Outreach Using Precision Ag Technology and University Validated Research
  • Change in Soil Test P Following Long Term P Fertilization Strategies
  • Comparison Between Source of Potassium for Corn, Soybean, and Wheat Production
  • Collaborative U of M Extension Communications for AFREC-Funded Research Projects

2008-2016 AFREC Research Projects

MDA Contacts

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