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Home > Animals & Livestock > Livestock Siting & Planning > Feedlot Decision Making Tool > Manure Management Plans

Manure Management Plans

Minnesota Rules, Part 7020.2225 Subp. 4

Feedlot facility owners must prepare a manure management plan when:

  • an interim, construction short-form, NPDES or SDS permit application is submitted for a facility with 100 or more animal units; or
  • manure from a feedlot capable of holding 300 or more animal units is applied after January 1, 2005, by someone other than a certified commercial animal-waste technician or certified private manure applicator.

You must keep a copy of the manure management plan on file at your facility. You must also review and update the plan yearly to address any changes. Any person receiving manure to apply on their land from a feedlot of 300 or more animal units must comply with the manure management plan and complete any portions of the plan that are specific to the land/crops where the manure is to be applied.

All feedlot facilities must meet the nutrient rate standards for land-applied manure and meet all applicable setbacks and management requirements when applying manure near waters and other sensitive features. The Feedlot Rules also provide other specific requirements based on the capacity of your feedlot (including manure and soil sampling, recordkeeping and development of a manure management plan).

Manure Management Plan, Manure Applicator Licensing, and Recordkeeping

  • A person may not manage or apply animal waste for hire without a valid commercial animal waste technician license from the Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA).
  • Feedlot facilities that are required to obtain a state or federal feedlot permit must have an updated manure management plan that meets the requirements of MPCA rules. If the feedlot facility is not required to obtain a state or federal feedlot permit, beginning January 1, 2005, manure from feedlots with a capacity of 300 animal units of more must be applied according to or more of the following options:
    • by a MDA-licensed commercial waste technician;
    • by a MDA-certified private manure applicator; or
    • by a non-certified or non-licensed applicator using an updated manure management plan that meets the requirements of MPCA rules.
  • Recordkeeping is required:
    • for any person who applies or receives manure or process wastewater from a feedlot with a capacity of 100 or more animal units;
    • when you test poultry barn floors as a permit requirement;
    • for short-term and permanent stockpiling sites; or
    • for analysis results of manure composting for which NPDES or SDS permits are required.