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Home > Animals & Livestock > Livestock Siting & Planning > Feedlot Decision Making Tool > Permits Applicable to Feedlots and Manure Storage Areas > Construction Short Form Permit

Construction Short Form Permit

Permit Description: For facilities constructing or expanding that do not pose a pollution hazard with 300 to 999 animal units. Your county feedlot officer or MPCA field staff will notify you if your feedlot is a pollution hazard.

The table below outlines the requirements for CSF permits by animal unit category of feedlots and if an operation is considered a pasture:

Animal Units

Construction Short Form (CSF) Permit

Pasture or grazing with no open lots Not required
Less than 10 Not required
10 to 50 Not required
50-299 Not required
300-999 (existing feedlot) Not required
300-999 (expansion or new construction) If a pollution hazard exists, anĀ interim permit is required rather than a CSF permit.
1,000 or more Not required, if construction is occurring at this level, a general or individual NPDES permit will be required.