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Feedlot Registration (Minnesota Rules part 7020.0350)

Registration is a simple process that eliminates the need for permits for the majority of facilities in Minnesota.

The registration program was created to:

  • identify location, size, and ownership of feedlots subject to the Rules;
  • help identify those operations where pollution problems may be most likely; and
  • provide the state with accurate information to help determine what financial impact complying with the Rules will have upon producers.

You are required to register your facility with your RGU by January 1, 2002 if:

  • you have 50 or more animal units; or
  • you have 10 or more animal units and your feedlot is within a shoreland (less than 300 feet from a river or stream, or 1,000 feet from a lake, pond, or flowage).

If you are an owner of a feedlot under 300 animal units, registration by January 1, 2002 is a prerequisite to applying for "open lot certification." Open lot certification can provide you with additional time to meet certain requirements, and a waiver from civil penalties for certain past violations (see section, "Open Lot Certification").

Registration information includes:

  • name and address of all owners;
  • location of facility by county, township, range, section, and quarter section;
  • permit or certificate number (if one has been issued);
  • types of animal holding and manure storage areas and the distance of these areas to the nearest well;
  • maximum number and types of animals the facility can accommodate;
  • identification of surface waters within 1,000 feet of the facility; and
  • name of the person who completes the form and the date completed.

How to Register

The first step to registration is to determine whether the county in which your feedlot is located has conducted a feedlot inventory. Many county feedlot inventories contain information that fulfills initial feedlot registration requirements. The following map highlights counties that have conducted a feedlot inventory as of the date of this publication. However, additional counties are conducting inventories that may be completed in time for registration. Check with your county planning and zoning or environmental services office.

  • If your feedlot is located in a county that has conducted an inventory, your feedlot is most likely registered, and you should receive a notification confirming your registration. If you have not received a registration confirmation notice, you should contact your RGU to determine your registration status.
  • If your feedlot is not located in a county that has conducted a feedlot inventory that has resulted in registration, you must obtain, complete, and submit a registration form to the RGU by January 1, 2002. You may obtain a registration form online, by contacting your RGU, or by contacting the MPCA toll free at 1-877-333-3508.
  • A feedlot owner that has applied for a feedlot permit after October 23, 2000 does not need to register.
  • Feedlot owners located on county fairgrounds and pasture-only operations are not required to register.

Registration information will be updated once every four years after January 1, 2002. At that time, your RGU will notify you at least 90 days before your registration update is due. After you submit your updated information, your RGU will acknowledge receipt of your information.

You will have received notification that your feedlot has been registered if your feedlot is listed on a feedlot inventory that fulfills registration requirements and that has been submitted to the MPCA. If you have not received notification check with your RGU.

Registration forms and additional information are available online or by contacting the MPCA Feedlot Helpline at 1-877-333-3508.