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Home > Animals & Livestock > Livestock Siting & Planning > Feedlot Decision Making Tool

The Minnesota Livestock Producer's Decision Making Tool to the Feedlot Rules

This decision making tool has been developed as an overview of Minnesota feedlot rules (Chapter 4410 and 7020) to help livestock producers understand Minnesota's feedlot rules and to achieve regulatory compliance.  

Enter the Decision Making Tool 

Below are links to other documents that are designed to assist livestock producers:

Feedlot Rules Overview (MPCA) (PDF): This publication was put together by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency to break down the state feedlot regulations section-by-section and highlighting important areas in the rule that livestock producers should be aware of.

Guide to Minnesota Environmental Review Rules (EQB) (PDF): This guide was developed by the Environmental Quality Board to educate citizens of Minnesota about how the State environmental review system works and how it may affect them.

NRCS Code 590 (NRCS) (PDF): The USDA-Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) has developed the code 590 guidelines for nutrient management for the State of Minnesota. These guidelines have been developed through cooperation of governmental agencies and the University of Minnesota. The code 590 is helpful to guide livestock producers in developing plans to apply their nutrients to their fields at agronomic rates.

Minnesota Feedlot Rules Chapter 7020