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Home > All About the MDA > Staff Directory > Pesticide & Fertilizer Management Division Staff Directory

Pesticide & Fertilizer Management Division Staff Phone Directory

Name Email Position Phone
Berg, Jeffrey Jeffrey.Berg@state.mn.us Water Policy Specialist 651-201-6338
Berg, Lisa Lisa.Berg@state.mn.us Inspection Advisor / Milaca 763-389-9840
Bernau, Dawn Dawn.Bernau@state.mn.us Soil Scientist 2 507-206-2881
Bischof, Stefan Stefan.Bischof@state.mn.us Hydrologist 2 / Detroit Lakes 218-396-0720
Boerboom, Jane Jane.Boerboom@state.mn.us Facility Response Unit Supervisor 651-201-6540
Bolas, Thomas Thomas.Bolas@state.mn.us State Program Administrator 651-201-6336
Bower, Craig Craig.Bower@state.mn.us State Program Administrator Intermediate / Alexandria Not Available
Bruening, Benjamin Benjamin.Bruening@state.mn.us Hydrologist 1 / Rochester 507-206-2869
Bruening, Denton Denton.Bruening@state.mn.us Fertilizer Technical Advisor 651-201-6399
Capaul, John John.Capaul@state.mn.us State Program Administrator 651-201-6438
Carlson, Kameron Kameron.Carlson@state.mn.us Contracts and Grant Coordinator 651-201-6196
Cavanaugh, Kevin Kevin.Cavanaugh@state.mn.us Pesticide Advisor - Bed Bugs 651-201-6349
Chahal, Gurinderbir G.Chahal@state.mn.us Research Scientist 2 651-201-6237
Cremers, Greg Greg.Cremers@state.mn.us Inspection Consultant / St. Cloud 320-223-6601
Derickson, Russell Russell.Derickson@state.mn.us Fertilizer Field Advisor / Lamberton 507-752-7036
Dieveney, Carrie Carrie.Dieveney@state.mn.us State Program Administrator 651-201-6107
duPreez, Corinne Corinne.duPreez@state.mn.us Inspection Specialist  507-206-2883
Durden, Carol Carol.Durden@state.mn.us Licensing & Certification State Program Administrator Intermediate 651-201-6379
Dvorak, Dan Dan.Dvorak@state.mn.us Agricultural Specialist / St. Cloud 320-223-6606
Edwards, Gary Gary.Edwards@state.mn.us Agriculture Unit Supervisor - Licensing 651-201-6472
Elsner, Gary Gary.Elsner@state.mn.us Incident Response Hydrologist 651-201-6268
Ende, Stephanie Stephanie.Ende@state.mn.us Inspection & Enforcement Specialist 651-201-6504
Englund, Lorraine Lorraine.Englund@state.mn.us Office & Administrative Specialist Intermediate 651-201-6122
Fick, Mike Mike.Fick@state.mn.us Facility Response Chemigation Consultant / Vergas 218-863-2984
Fischer, Heidi Heidi.Fischer@state.mn.us Enforcement Supervisor 651-201-6528
Fitzgerald, William William.Fitzgerald@state.mn.us Field Operations & Training Coordinator 651-201-6159
Floren, Jerry Jerry.Floren@state.mn.us Fertilizer Technical Soil Scientist / Mankato 507-344-3206
Freilinger, Jim Jim.Freilinger@state.mn.us Agricultural Consultant / Paynesville 320-243-7382
Gallus, Jennifer Jennifer.Gallus@state.mn.us Fertilizer Field Advisor / St. Cloud 320-543-3150
Gillitzer, Peter Peter.Gillitzer@state.mn.us MAWQCP Assessment & Research Coordinator 651-201-6566
Graddick, Collie Collie.Graddick@state.mn.us Pesticide Consultant 651-201-6234
Gunderson, Larry Larry.Gunderson@state.mn.us Agriculture Unit Supervisor 651-201-6168
Haiker, Paul Paul.Haiker@state.mn.us  Agricultural Advisor - Ag Chem 651-201-6247 
Hance, Jennifer Jennifer.Hance@state.mn.us Operations Supervisor 651-201-6231
Hanson, Greg Greg.Hanson@state.mn.us Incident Response Consultant 651-201-6681
Harding, Greg Greg.Harding@state.mn.us Facility Response Consultant 651-201-6274
Hayes, Jennifer Jennifer.Hayes@state.mn.us Data Management State Program Administrator Intermediate 651-201-6430
Herbert, Spencer Spencer.Herbert@state.mn.us Soil Scientist 2 / Mankato 507-344-3204
Hodgeman, Jennie Jennie.Hodgeman@state.mn.us Operations Office & Administrative Specialist Intermediate 651-201-6490
Hugo, Janice Janice.Hugo@state.mn.us Operations Office & Administrative Specialist Intermediate 651-201-6141
Hunt, Lucy Lucia.Hunt@state.mn.us Ag Unit Supervisor 651-201-6637
Joachim, Robert Robert.Joachim@state.mn.us Certification Specialist Not Available
Johnson, Adreanne Andreanne.Johnson@state.mn.us  Office & Administrative Specialist Intermediate  651-201-6455 
Johnson, Heather Heather.Johnson@state.mn.us Monitoring Hydrologist Supervisor 651-201-6098
Johnsrud, Luan Luan.Johnsrud@state.mn.us State Program Administrator Intermediate Not Available
Juenemann, Marie Marie.Juenemann@state.mn.us Monitoring Hydrologist 651-201-6161
Kaiser, Ed Ed.Kaiser@state.mn.us Facility Response Consultant (Anhydrous Ammonia/Ag Lime) 651-201-6275
Kaiser, Kimberly Kimberly.Kaiser@state.mn.us Fertilizer Technical Hydrologist 651-201-6280
Kaminski, Stan Stan.Kaminski@state.mn.us Facility Response Waste Pesticide Consultant 651-201-6562
Kelly, Pat Patrick.Kelly@state.mn.us Facility Response Consultant 651-201-6387
Kjaersgaard, Jeppe Jeppe.Kjaersgaard@state.mn.us Research Scientist 2 651-201-6149
Knutson, Scott Scott.Knutson@state.mn.us Agriculture Specialist / Rochester 507-206-2880
Koenen, Rosemary Rosemary.Koenen@state.mn.us Operations Central Services Admin Specialist Senior 651-201-6293
Kolnik, Chelsie Chelsie.Kolnik@state.mn.us State Program Administrator Senior 651-201-6698
Kuehner, Kevin Kevin.Kuehner@state.mn.us Fertilizer Technical Soil Scientist / Preston 507-765-4530
Langseth, Dan Dan.Langseth@state.mn.us Soil Scientist / Farwell 320-808-5834
Lawrence, Steven  Steven.Lawrence@state.mn.us  Agricultural Specialist / TBD  218-296-2014
Lemickson, Ryan Ryan.Lemickson@state.mn.us Fertilizer Technical Advisor / Farmington 612-209-9181
Levi, Clarissa Clarissa.Levi@state.mn.us State Program Administrator Senior 651-201-6548
Lorentz, Jeffrey Jeffrey.Lorentz@state.mn.us  Facility Response Advisor / St Cloud  320-223-6547
Mabry, Michele Michele.Mabry@state.mn.us Project Manager 651-201-6199
MacDonald, Michael Michael.MacDonald@state.mn.us Hydrologist 3 651-201-6694
Mackedanz, Roger Roger.Mackedanz@state.mn.us Ag Prog Supervisor 651-201-6400
Magnusson, Mark Mark.Magnusson@state.mn.us Inspection Consultant / Fergus Falls 218-739-7576 ext. 273
Mann, Rajinder  Rajinder.Mann@state.mn.us  Research Scientist  651-201-6208 
Matteson, Scott Scott.Matteson@state.mn.us Monitoring Hydrologist / Mankato 507-344-3201
McCullough, Adam Adam.McCullough@state.mn.us Hydrologist 1 / Rochester 507-206-2883
McDonnell, Craig Craig.McDonnell@state.mn.us Project Consultant 651-201-6283
McNelly, Paul Paul.McNelly@state.mn.us State Program Admin Supervisor Principal 651-201-6145
Mendez-Ortega, Gregorio Gregorio.Mendez-Ortega@state.mn.us Inspection Advisor / Mankato 507-344-3204
Meyer, Ryan Ryan.Meyer@state.mn.us Hydrologist 1 218-898-0001
Montgomery, Bruce Bruce.Montgomery@state.mn.us Fertilizer Non-Point Section Manager 651-201-6178
Moua, Xia Xia.Moua@state.mn.us Licensing & Certification State Program Administrator Intermediate 651-201-6137
Murphy, Andrew Andrew.Murphy@state.mn.us Agricultural Specialist 651-201-6136
Nielsen, Jaime Jaime.Nielsen@state.mn.us Hydrologist 1 / St Cloud 320-223-6600
Nooker, Eric Eric.Nooker@state.mn.us Soil Scientist 651-318-6002
Orlowski, Stuart Stuart.N.Orlowski@state.mn.us Hydrologist 1 651-201-6148
Paddock, Jeff Jeff.Paddock@state.mn.us Hydrologist 2 651-201-6560
Parins, Matthew Matthew.Parins@state.mn.us Agricultural Chemical Advisor 651-201-6587
Perish, Ryan Ryan.Perish@state.mn.us Soil Scientist Not Available
Peterson, Heidi Heidi.Peterson@state.mn.us Research Scientist 2 651-201-6014
Raghunathan, Preeta Preeta.Raghunathan@state.mn.us Intern Not Available
Ranzenberger, David David.Ranzenberger@state.mn.us Student Worker Paraprofessional / Preston Not Available
Rassmussen, Katie Katie.Rassmussen@state.mn.us Monitoring Hydrologist 651-201-6331
Redlin, Brad  Brad.Redlin@state.mn.us  Project Functional Manager 651-201-6489 
Regimbal, Gregg Gregg.Regimbal@state.mn.us Pesticide Supervisor 651-201-6671
Reppe, Thomas Thomas.Reppe@state.mn.us Incident Response Advisor 651-201-6394
Revier, Scott Scott.Revier@state.mn.us Inspection Advisor / Winger 218-938-4076
Rialson, Robert Bob.Rialson@state.mn.us Facility Response Consultant / Garvin 507-746-4483
Ribikawskis, Matthew Matthew.Ribikawskis@state.mn.us  Hydrologist 2 / Rochester 507-206-2884 
Riley, Deb Deb.Riley@state.mn.us Ag Advisor 612-201-6632
Rippley, Richard  Richard.Rippley@state.mn.us  Incident Response Hydrologist 651-201-6370 
Rodriguez, Juanita Juanita.N.Rodriguez@state.mn.us Pesticide State Program Administrator 651-201-6583
Ross, Nikol Nikol.Ross@state.mn.us Hydrologist 1 651-201-6443
Rossow, Alison Alison.Rossow@state.mn.us State Program Administrator Senior 651-201-6146
Runkel, Kent Kent.Runkel@state.mn.us Inspection Consultant / Redwood Falls 507-637-3764
Schaefer, Brennon Brennon.Schaefer@state.mn.us Monitoring Hydrologist 651-201-6491
Schaust, Jen Jen.Schaust@state.mn.us Environmental Outreach Coordinator 651-201-6322
Scherbel, Susan Sue.Scherbel@state.mn.us Data Management Office & Administrative Specialist 651-201-6261
Schmidt, Julie Julie.Schmidt@state.mn.us State Program Administrator Senior 651-201-6586
Scholer, Jamison Jamison.Scholer@state.mn.us Research Scientist 651-201-6267
Seaberg, James James.Seaberg@state.mn.us Incident Response Hydrologist 651-201-6139
Sip, Rob Rob.Sip@state.mn.us State Policy Analyst 320-223-6531
Spitzmueller, Joe Joseph.Spitzmueller@state.mn.us Facility, Licensing & Incident Response Section Manager 651-201-6546
Stamper, Joshua Joshua.Stamper@state.mn.us Director 651-201-6639
Stoddard, Dan Dan.Stoddard@state.mn.us Assistant Director 651-201-6291
Struss, Ron Ron.Struss@state.mn.us Fertilizer Field Supervisor 651-201-6269
Stuewe, Luke Luke.Stuewe@state.mn.us Fertilizer Field Soil Scientist / Detroit Lakes 218-846-7425
Sunseri, Matthew Matthew.Sunseri@state.mn.us Agricultural Consultant 651-201-6292
Timm, Dylan Dylan.Timm@state.mn.us Hydrologist 1 / Preston 507-344-3211
Tollefson, David David.Tollefson@state.mn.us Monitoring Hydrologist / Rochester 507-206-2882
Van Lieshout, Larry Larry.VanLieshout@state.mn.us  Pesticide Research Scientist  651-201-6115 
VanRyswyk, William Bill.Vanryswyk@state.mn.us Monitoring Hydrologist / Mankato 507-344-3203
Villas-Horns, Cathy Cathy.Villas-Horns@state.mn.us Incident Response Hydrologist Supervisor 651-201-6697
Wagner, Margaret  Margaret.Wagner@state.mn.us  Agri Unit Supervisor 651-201-6488
Waller, Alice Alice.Waller@state.mn.us Licensing & Certification Consultant 651-201-6284
Weinandt, Marcie Marcie.Weinandt@state.mn.us Project Consultant 651-201-6481
Weldon-Franco, Stacy Stacy.Weldon-Franco@state.mn.us Inspection Office & Administrative Specialist Intermediate 651-201-6696
Wicks, Christine Christine.Wicks@state.mn.us Inspection Unit Supervisor 651-201-6390
Wilczek, Tom Tom.Wilczek@state.mn.us State Program Administrator Intermediate Not Available
Wolf, Katie Katie.Wolf@state.mn.us Project Consultant 651-201-6659
Wright, Brendan Brendan.Wright@state.mn.us Pesticide Auditor 651-201-6188