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Finance & Budget Division Staff Directory

Name Email Position Phone
Braun, Peter Peter.Braun@state.mn.us Accounting Technician/Cashier 651-201-6602
Dang, Nitah Nitah.Dang@state.mn.us Cashier/Accounting Technician 651-201-6581
Dugdale, Kathy Kathy.Dugdale@state.mn.us Accounting Supervisor 651-201-6319
Ernest, Steve Steve.Ernest@state.mn.us Director 651-201-6580
Fasen, Thomas Thomas.Fasen@state.mn.us Accounting Technician/Cashier 651-201-6581
Gennow, Debra Debra.Gennow@state.mn.us Services Admin Specialist Intermediate 651-201-6153
Gruenes, Richard Richard.Gruenes@state.mn.us State Program Administrator Senior 651-201-6609
Hinrichs, Sandy Sandy.Hinrichs@state.mn.us Accounting Technician 651-201-6579
Major, Philippa Philippa.Major@state.mn.us Management Analyst 3 651-201-6470
McDevitt, Matthew Matthew.McDevitt@state.mn.us Loan Officer Supervisor 651-201-6311
Olson, Melissa Melissa.Olson@state.mn.us Accounting Officer Intermediate 651-201-6577
Overgaard, Sonya Sonya.Overgaard@state.mn.us Asset & Inventory Coordinator/Accounting Technician 651-201-6179
Paulson, John John.M.Paulson@state.mn.us Office Specialist 651-201-6154
Peterson, Marie Marie.Peterson@state.mn.us Federal Funds Coordinator 651-201-6088
Pham, Christine Christine.Pham@state.mn.us Accounting Officer Senior 651-201-6617
Roles, Ryan Ryan.Roles@state.mn.us Senior Loan Officer 651-201-6666
Rowley, Linda Linda.Rowley@state.mn.us Agency Buyer/Buyer Coordinator 651-201-6530
Rueger, Wendy Wendy.Rueger@state.mn.us Accounting Officer 651-201-6660
Schleder, John John.Schleder@state.mn.us Accounting Officer Senior 651-201-6582
Schmidt, Lori Lori.Schmidt@state.mn.us Office Administrative Specialist 651-201-6556
Senbeta, Tigist Tigist.Senbeta@state.mn.us Accounting Officer Senior 651-201-6016
Sis, Julie Julie.Sis@state.mn.us Accounting Officer Senior 651-201-6412
Smith, Roxane  Roxane.Smith@state.mn.us  Accounting and Audit Manager 651-201-6433
Sundahl, Alison Alison.Sundahl@state.mn.us Accounting Officer Senior 651-201-6398
Walkosz, Joyce Joyce.Walkosz@state.mn.us Central Services Supervisor 651-201-6155
Wilcox, Dwight Dwight.Wilcox@state.mn.us Ag BMP Loan Program/Planner 651-201-6608
Yang, Daisy Daisy.Yang@state.mn.us Accounting Technician 651-201-6186