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Home > All About the MDA > Staff Directory > Ag Marketing & Development Division Staff Directory

Ag Marketing & Development Division Staff Directory

Name Email Position Phone
Anderson, Kelly Kelly.Anderson@state.mn.us State Programs Administrator Principal 320-808-4424
Balk, Becky Becky.Balk@state.mn.us State Planner Principal 651-201-6369
Braun, Harley Harley.Braun@state.mn.us MAITC Student Worker Not Available
Bress, Ashley Ashley.Bress@state.mn.us State Programs Administrator Senior 651-201-6648
Cassler, Tina Tina.Cassler@state.mn.us Project Specialist Not Available
Connell, Erin Erin.Connell@state.mn.us Student Worker Not Available
Dahl, Cassie Cassie.Dahl@state.mn.us State Programs Administrator 651-201-6134
Daugaard, Danielle Danielle.Daugaard@state.mn.us Minnesota Grown, Coordinator of External Relations 651-201-6170
Dittrich, Mark Mark.Dittrich@state.mn.us Minnesota River, Ag Initiative 651-201-6482
Erickson, Brian J. Brian.J.Erickson@state.mn.us Ag Marketing Specialist, Sr. 651-201-6539
Fish, Alison Alison.Fish@state.mn.us Office & Administrative Specialist Principal 651-201-6686
Heille, Jerie    Jerie.Heille@state.mn.us Office & Administrative Specialist Intermediate 651-201-6653
Hennessy, Kevin  Kevin.Hennessy@state.mn.us  Biofuels Specialist  651-201-6223
Hoeppner, Victoria Victoria.Hoeppner@state.mn.us State Program Administrator 651-201-6643
Hugunin, Paul Paul.Hugunin@state.mn.us Director 651-201-6510
Jerve, Emily Emily.Jerve@state.mn.us Marketing Supervisor 651-201-6189
Knott, Sue Sue.Knott@state.mn.us Education Specialist 651-201-6486
Kuzj, Ann Ann.Kuzj@state.mn.us Grants Specialist Intermediate 651-201-6028
LaClair, Julianne Julianne.LaClair@state.mn.us Grant Specialist Senior 651-201-6135
Lanthier, Karen Karen.Lanthier@state.mn.us Member Services Coordinator 651-201-6140
Liepold, Kristin Kristin.Liepold@state.mn.us Student Worker Not Available
Luinenburg, John E-Mail Address Not Available Livestock Weigher / Worthington Not Available
Moser, Stephen Stephen.Moser@state.mn.us Office & Administrative Specialist 651-201-6641
Moynihan, Meg Meg.Moynihan@state.mn.us State Programs Administrator Principal 651-201-6616
Ostlie, Jim Jim.Ostlie@state.mn.us Livestock Development Specialist 320-842-6910
Patton, Bob Bob.Patton@state.mn.us Supervisor & Local Government Outreach Coordinator 651-201-6226
Phillips, Jeffrey Jeffrey.Phillips@state.mn.us International Trade Representative 651-201-6220
Roos, Stephan Stephan.Roos@state.mn.us Planner Intermediate 651-201-6631
Rowley, Linda Linda.Rowley@state.mn.us Office & Administrative Specialist Principal 651-201-6530
Sawyer, Lisa Lisa.Sawyer@state.mn.us Grants Specialist 651-201-6277
Sidle, Keri Keri.Sidle@state.mn.us Education Specialist 1 651-201-6260
Veloske, Olivia Olivia.Veloske@state.mn.us Intern 651-201-6142
VonBank, Susan Susan.VonBank@state.mn.us State Program Administrator 651-201-6603
Weinand, David David.Weinand@state.mn.us Supervisor, Grants Section 651-201-6646
White, Ruth Ruth.White@state.mn.us State Programs Administrator Senior 651-201-6494
Ye, Su Su.Ye@state.mn.us Program Leader, Market Research 651-201-6384