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Pesticide & Fertilizer Management Division


Joshua Stamper, Director

Staff Directory

The Pesticide & Fertilizer Management Division enforces state laws pertaining to the sale, use and disposal of a host of agricultural inputs, including fertilizers, agricultural lime, and pesticides.

In recent years, PFMD efforts have expanded to address environmental issues in urban and agricultural ecosystems. Key responsibilities in this area include educating urban landowners about steps they can take to reduce phosphorus in nearby lakes.

One particularly important duty of this division is pesticide regulation. Working in partnership with the federal Environmental Protection Agency, the division approves new pesticide products for use in the state. The division also monitors the state to ensure that pesticide products are used properly and do not have a harmful impact on the state’s resources. When an improper disposal or misapplication is alleged, the division conducts an investigation. If sufficient evidence is found, the division takes enforcement action as prescribed by law.

Taking advantage of its expertise in pesticides and farming practices, the division also monitors groundwater and surface water in sensitive areas to determine whether pesticides may be impacting water quality. If water quality is found to be impaired, the division develops best management practices for farmers to reduce the impact of the pesticide.


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