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Dairy & Food Inspection Division


Dr. Nicole Neeser, Director
Dairy & Meat Inspection Division
Staff Directory

Ben Miller, PhD, Director
Food & Feed Safety Division
Staff Directory

Doug Lueders, Feed Program Manager

Main: 651-201-6027 (Food & Feed Safety)
or 651-201-6300 (Dairy & Meat Inspection)

The mission of the MDA is to enhance the quality of life of Minnesotan's by ensuring the integrity of the food supply, the health of the environment and enabling a strong agricultural economy. As the primary food safety agency in Minnesota, the Dairy & Food Inspection Division's (DFID) primary role is to carry out the first part of MDA's mission: ensuring the integrity of the food supply including animal feed, dairy products, food products, meat, shell eggs, and poultry. DFID accomplishes this mission through regulatory inspections and enforcement, surveillance sampling, special investigations, consumer protection, and educational outreach. The goal of these food safety programs is to prevent the sale or consumption of adulterated food, animal feed, meat, shell eggs, poultry and dairy products and to heighten awareness of proper biosecurity and food safety practices.






Dairy Regulations Links

  1. Federal Reference
    1. Pasteurized Milk Ordinance 
    2. 1995 Dried Milk Ordinance -- DMO96.ZIP -- this is a WordPerfect 6.1 document compressed with PKZIP v2.04g. Zip file size is 917 Kb, expanded size is 4 MB.
    3. Milk for Manufacturing Purposes and its Production and Processing
    4. 21 CFR 100-169
    5. 21 CFR 170-199
    6. 7 CFR 53-209
  2. Minnesota Law
    1. Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 32
    2. Minnesota Rules, Chapter 152