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Home > All About the MDA > Food & Ag Emergency Response > Floods > Flood Prevention Information for Farmers & Ranchers

Flood Prevention Information for Farmers and Ranchers

Before a flood, MDA helps farmers, ranchers and agricultural businesses prepare by providing recommendations and guidance for moving livestock, stored grain, food items, agricultural inputs, seed and other materials out of harm’s way. Our field personnel also work with agricultural chemical facilities to strengthen safeguards around equipment and storage tanks to prevent accidental release of product.

Farmers and Ranchers

  • Store sensitive items, including seed, feed and drugs for animal feed, off the ground and in an area not prone to flooding
  • Dike or sandbag bins
  • Remove manure stockpiles from flood zone
  • Contact your county feedlot office or the Pollution Control Agency if your manure storage facility is at risk of overflowing
  • Identify a reliable source of emergency feed supplies for livestock
  • Certified organic producers are urged to be mindful of applicable organic standards and to contact their certifying organization following any flood that affects certified organic cropland
  • Protect wells from floodwater, or if wells are compromised by floodwater, secure an alternate source of safe water for your animals

Seed, Feed, and Manure Facilities

MDA Contacts:

Dairy Farms

MDA Contact:

  • Dairy & Food Inspection Division:
    During business hours: 651-201-6027 or contact the Minnesota Duty Officer at 1-800-422-0798 after hours.

General Information

MDA Contact

Amanda Baesler